Gabor Gozon

Gabor Gozon
Untitled, acrylic on canvas

Gabor Gozon (born July 22, 1967) is a graduate of the Hungarian National School of Decorative Arts in Budapest. He likes to dig into everyday reality to see what’s on the other side. The scenes he choses to paint possess the sort of banality that invariably hides something. Gabor paints the human figure, the portrait; bodies in an urban whirl, spontaneous effigies of strangers. His own photographs serve as basis for the composition of his paintings. This permits him to trap these faces, these figures and give them greater dimension. Composition then accentuates the impression of stolen moments. It often seems that the voyeur (the artist and ourselves) makes the event. This certainly must be trapped reality; an intrigue. A man sleeps in the sun; landscape of flowers and a glade. He smiles. A man is writing; landscape of undergrowth. In the background another man walks out of the picture; a man seated on a bench. Beings shown together whose interrelation is never put to question. There is room here only for what captivates the eye of the artist for a moment, not anecdote. Colour, light, shade, framing, drawing, the subjects often neutral expression, style, all is put to the service of the investigation of the visible. Gabor lives and works in Paris, France.

Painting the real. Impossible gamble. We know all the artifice used to create works in terrain exploited for centuries. The subjects are legion, the techniques as well; the fact they are so used often removes the possibility of ever approaching reality with them and therein contemplating the enigma of the real and of its representation.

All images © Gabor Gozon


  1. How is it that there is no mention of medium? Oil? Acrylic? or size? We can imagine the original if we know more about what was used to create the piece....

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