“Secrets” is a brilliant short romance drama written and directed by Phinehas Hodges, starring Alex Knell and Michael Covino. The direction of photography is by John Pope and the editing is by Mike LaHood. For the full credits click here.

A short about how the bravest thing any of us ever does is reveal ourselves to another person–and how that’s also our only hope to ever be known and loved. Dedicated to everyone who’s endured trauma and chosen love despite it.

Phinehas Hodges is a writer, director, editor and producer. Raised in a cabin without running water or electricity, he has since found his way into the world of images and words, working in TV, commercials, feature docs, and more. A part of the writing team for ABC TV’s sitcom Downward Dog, Phinehas is known for his work on Blood Brother (co-writer), Remand (co-writer) and Alone (director). Blood Brother in particular went on to win several awards at international film festivals worldwide, including both the Audience and Grand Jury awards at Sundance 2013.

All images © Phinehas Hodges / Secrets

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