“Pauline” is an unusual ghost story short, written and directed by Fred Rowson starring Joanne Brookes. The direction of photography is by Will Humphris and the art direction is by Lucie Red. The film was produced by COLONEL BLIMP for Channel’s 4 Random Acts.
Happy Halloween to you all!

Meet Pauline Poulter. Strange marks appear on her arms, every time she cooks. Roasts don’t come out right, and she keeps finding bloody handprints on her sideboard. There can be only one explanation: Pauline has got a ghost in her oven.

Fred Rowson who directed his first film when he was 16, makes music videos, commercials, and also short films. His work has been screened at various film festivals, including BornShorts, and nominated for a UK Music Video Award. “Pauline” was nominated for Best Short Film at the 2016 Raindance Film Festival and won Best DOP at the 2016 IMVF.

To read the director’s interview about the film click here.

Channel’s 4 Random Acts is a short film strand dedicated to the arts, founded in 2011 to escape the conventions of arts broadcasting and to expand its possibilities.

All images © Fred Rowson / Pauline

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  1. A haunted oven - sounds like a great plot! :-)

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