The Animal that I Am

7 Reece Mews, oil on linen, 171cmX232cm, 2017

On Saturday 18th November, the Livart in Montreal opened its doors to host the most important exhibition ever presented by the artist Mathieu Laca.

The Animal that I Am is a series of richly textured and abstract portraits by Montreal painter Mathieu Laca that explore our relationship to animality. “I want to paint faces as intense as the gaze of animals that we lead to the slaughterhouse” he says. The exhibition will feature around 30 new works — predominantly large ones — representing artists or historical figures dear to the painter, often with animals. It’s the largest show of this rising painter to date. The centerpiece of the series is a 6’X8’ fantasy representing Francis Bacon’s studio at 7 Reece Mews, London. In addition to Bacon, other painters like Cézanne, Giacometti and Rembrandt complete this ambitious mural piece!

The exhibition will run until the 30th of December 2017.

The Livart is a multidisciplinary center for contemporary art ; a place of exchange, meeting and creation in the Plateau-Mont-Royal. This concept is unique and unprecedented in the city. The space offers a programming of exhibition, parties, workshops and hosts craftsmen, artists and citizens to achieve and exchange around a common subject ; contemporary art.


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