Leo van der Meer

Leo van der Meer
Timen and Bart, Pen and Ink

Leo van der Meer is a visual artist from the Netherlands. He studied Architecture at TU Delft, followed courses in model drawing and modelling at the CKC and took lessons in portrait painting from artist Marja Milo. He mainly draws with pencil, charcoal and pastel but he also uses ink, watercolour and oil paint. Leo is fascinated by the human body with the face becoming increasingly important through the years. His subjects range from living models to photos and video stills of models, actresses and musicians. Leo’s work is characterised by a certain abstraction and minimalism and has been exhibited at various locations in the Netherlands. Since 2005 he is a member of the Atelier Model drawing association in Zoetermeer.

In his own words:

I work in pencil, ink and watercolour in the wet-on-wet technique. It has something unpredictable and I love it when the work is somewhat unfinished. You then limit yourself to the essence, and give the viewer the opportunity to “finish” the work. The nice and difficult thing about portrait painting is to look for the similarity. Sometimes one line or stain can make the likeness, and sometimes just cancel it out.


All images © Leo van der Meer

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