Annemarie Busschers

Annemarie Busschers
Ageing, 200 x 220 cm

Annemarie Busschers is a visual artist from the Netherlands. She studied art and graphic techniques in the Academie Minerva, the Fine Arts Academy at Hanze University in Groningen, and started making portraits after the birth of her son, gradually focusing on children, friends and acquaintances. A recipient of numerous awards, Annemarie has had exhibitions in the Netherlands, USA, UK and Denmark.

In her own words:

In my work I concentrate on the skin. In my works, special features acquired during life, emerge and are elaborated on. The textures and shades, irregularities, birthmarks, scars and imperfections are all replicated in unabashed detail. I use different materials in my work. It results in a powerful and textured skin. The portraits emerge like scientific, almost minute studies.

All images © Annemarie Busschers

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