Rooms is a lovely dark animated short created by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Andrew D. Zimbelman on a poem by Billy Collins. For the full credits click here.

After three days of steady, inconsolable rain,
I walk through the rooms of the house
wondering which would be best to die in….

Andrew D. Zimbelman is an artist and filmmaker living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Originally trained in drawing and painting, he developed a love for film and animation throughout his undergraduate and graduate educations. Since receiving his MFA from CalArts, Andrew has worked bi-coastally for numerous advertising and non­profit/advocacy clients. Andrew has a passion for design, story and motion, which inform every stage of his creative process. Whether he’s working with a large established brand, or a new small organization championing a larger social cause, he brings all these elements together to visually tell his client’s story in the most effective and compelling way possible. Studio ADZ is his work and studio space.

All images © Studio ADZ / Rooms

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