Mohammad Rahman

Mohammad Rahman

Mohammad Rahman is a hobbyist landscape photographer from Bangladesh, living in Australia. A recipient of many photographic awards, Mohammad is by profession a software developer and a part time student of the Ph.D. course. He loves to capture the variation of the light and his passion is the simple composition in panoramic format. Through his photographs, he explores the different dimensions of Bangladesh and its riverscape beauty.

In his own words:

The mood, artistic appeal, loneliness, solitude, and tranquillity of the riverscape, attract many art seekers to dive into the beauty of the Mother Nature. Since the beauty of our river and riverscape is noticeable, I thought I would like to take the opportunity to share it with the world. To achieve this dream, I started capturing since 2013. The riverscape I took it’s around the bank of the mighty river the Padma which flows through Rajbari district in Bangladesh.

All images © Mohammad Rahman

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