Dometastic 50

Dometastic 50

Dometastic 50 is a tiny house designed by architect Mustafa Anbar and is one of the winning entries of the 2016/2017 Bouwexpo Tiny Housing competition, which was hosted earlier this year by the municipality of Almere in the Netherlands.

Dometastic 50 provides a permanent, individual living space on a minimal surface with maximum living enjoyment and the feeling of space on a small floor surface but with all the conveniences you are used to in a much bigger home, while moving away from the conventional façade structures.

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Suitable for students, starters, singles, pensioners and professionals, Dometastic 50 comes equipped with all the necessary facilities to carry out the household independently. Constructed from lightweight pentagonal self-supporting panels that are assembled on the construction site and with an open internal structure, the house manages to create freedom of movement and a spacious feeling by the use of the spherical shape, nature’s most efficient form with up to 1/3 less skin surface than rectangular housing. The structural shell is made of only one material in the base, namely, EPS. The light EPS construction makes large-scale equipment unnecessary and allows for natural light conditions. The shell can be finished with various well-known materials in combination with solar modules and boilers. The cleverly designed shell has very low energy requirements. In addition to a high Rc value of ±10m2K/W, the 300mm thick panels have an excellent Class 3 airtightness adding to the quality and the footprint of the house.

Mustafa Anbar is an MSc Architecture, Building and Planning graduate from the Eindhoven Technische Universiteit and studied for his BSc in Built Environment and Architecture at the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen, the Netherlands.

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