Hoodies at Night x KROY - 4Weeks

Hoodies at Night x KROY - 4Weeks

Hoodies at Night is the stage name of Montréal-based musician, producer and composer Jonathan Dauphinais. He has played bass in bands since he was a child and studied music at the University of Montreal. In the early years of his life as a musician he created the Keybass, his very own instrument, a musical invention that combines both the rock and electronic worlds, fusing together a polyphonic synth with an electric string bass. In 2014, wanting to shake things up and create new cutting-edge music under the artist name Hoodies at Night, he started to book numerous sessions at his studio with all kinds of people. From friends to strangers, from renown artists to amateur musicians. He found this process very inspiring and realised how changing the people around you will completely change the ideas you come up with, which is exactly the philosophy behind Hoodies at Night. Not interested in the comfort zone he likes to make people react strongly to his sounds and surprise by his collaborations. Throughout the time, he has been producing albums and composing music for TV, Films, and other artists while fine-tuning the Keybass.


4Weeks is an unconventional love story and the outcome of Jonathan’s collaboration with KROY, the recording project of Camille Poliquin. The video is directed by Thibaut Duverneix and the direction of photography is by Christophe Collette.

According to the director, the video is a visual take on a relationship with an expiry date. The video expresses what happens at the end of this four weeks. It reveals the pain of letting someone into your life then letting them go on purpose. The sensual mini film toys with infidelity, dance, polygamy, monogamy, loneliness, the body, the body in parts, lost love, and the masochistic pain of falling in love and putting everything on the line knowing there is a deadline.

All images © Thibaut Duverneix / 4 weeks – hoodies at night x KROY – official video

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