Triangles of Happiness

Triangles of Happiness

Triangles of Happiness (Trekanter af Lykke) is a social satire about financial crisis, facades and family life directed by Jannik Dahl Pedersen. The story was written by Mie Skjoldemose Jakobsen, the direction of photography is by Loui Ladegaard Thomsen, the music is by Mathias Bjørnskov and the production is by the 18Frames Film School of Funen, Denmark.

Hanne and Carsten are desperately trying to keep up with the illusion of a happy family life to their nosy neighbors. They used to be just like everyone else in suburbia, but the financial crisis hit the family hard. But how do you keep up with the illusion of a happy life in times of crisis. Financial crisis.

Jannik Dahl Pedersen was born in 1988 and spent his first years in a small town in Jutland. Around the 6th grade, his parents decided to move to the “big city” of Esbjerg. From a very young age Jannik concentrated on his education and career. Having first wanted to be a lawyer and later on a psychologist, in 2007 he decided that he should sought his dream at the Esbjerg Media College. In 2009 he moved to Odense to study Media at the University of Southern Denmark. Nowadays, having graduated from his MA in Film Studies from the University of Copenhagen and following his work with the 18Frames Film School, Jannik is active in the Danish film industry and television and also gives lectures on his favourite subject; movies and series.

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