VILLA VOLTA, is one of the prize winners of the Bouwexpo Tiny Housing competition, hosted by the municipality of Almere in the Netherlands. The challenge of Villa Volta is to achieve as much a potential home as possible.

Designed by Studio RTM, Villa Volta is a circular house for up to two people, consisting of two parts: a fixed part and a rotating part. The rotating part consists of a chamber which can assume three different functions in three different positions; The function of a dining and working space, the one of a lounge area and the one of a bedroom. In the main and fixed part of the house are the kitchen and the bathroom, consisting of a toilet, a shower and a sink. This makes the connection to the sewage and the electricity grid easy. The functions of eating, working, relaxing and sleeping literally flow together.

All images © Studio RTM / VILLA VOLTA

The challenge for Studio RTM, was to build a home with minimum m2 where all the functions for a pleasant living experience would remain intact. What they did was to look for a solution in the different ways there are to make use of an identical space. This resulted in Villa Volta.

Studio RTM architecture & research was founded by Ewoud Netten and Nanne Verbruggen.

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