The 10 Most-Read Cinematography Articles of 2017

Strange Men

The most popular features of the year in cinematography, according to our readers.

#10 Vows

Vows (נדרים) is a short drama film, directed by Tal Zagreba upon a screenplay of Tal Miller that is based on a true story.

#09 You Are Awake

“You Are Awake” is a short film directed and photographed by Pedro Martín-Calero, written by Daniel Remón, Joe Rosen and Pedro Martín-Calero.

#08 Whale Valley

WHALE VALLEY is a multi-awarded Danish/Icelandic short film, written & directed by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson.

#07 MINE

MINE is an award-winning dark comedy short written by David Scullion and directed by Simon Berry.

#06 Cuddle Buddy

Cuddle Buddy is a short drama film directed by Max Barbakow.

#05 A Mighty Nice Man

A Mighty Nice Man is an awarded short mystery drama directed by Jonathan Dee as his Columbia thesis film on an adaption from Patricia Highsmith’s haunting story of same name.


BACKSTROKE is a short thriller drama written and directed by Robbie Barclay.

#03 Turtle

Turtle (Wugui) is a multi-awarded short study on identity, class and the potential for connection between strangers. The film is written and directed by Jordan Schiele.


“Fill your Heart with French Fries” is a brilliant sad comedy short that is written, directed and edited by Tamar Glezerman.

#01 Strange Men

Strange Men is an emotional, brilliantly shot and acted, short film written by Andrew Fitzgerald and Sean Purtill and directed by Andrew Fitzgerald.

All of the above and more here.

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  1. "Fill Your Heart With French Fries" is my personal favorite from this list.

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