The 10 Most-Read Architecture Articles of 2017

DROP box

The most popular features of the year in architecture, according to our readers.


VILLA VOLTA, designed by Studio RTM, is one of the prize winners of the Bouwexpo Tiny Housing competition, hosted by the municipality of Almere in the Netherlands.


#09 Ateljé 25

Designed by Waldemarson Arkitekter, Ateljé 25 is a workshop, studio, or summer house, where creativity gets its own space.

© Waldemarson Arkitekter

#08 Dometastic 50

Dometastic 50 is a tiny house designed by architect Mustafa Anbar and is one of the winning entries of the 2016/2017 Bouwexpo Tiny Housing competition, which was hosted earlier this year by the municipality of Almere in the Netherlands.

© Dometastic

#07 CASA 802

CASA 802 is a 324-square-foot micro home developed by Norwich University faculty and students to provide sustainable, beautiful housing for people from all income levels.

© CASA 802

#06 Cinder Box

Cinder Box is a simple and adaptable micro dwelling design for any location, inspired by a desire to create a prefabricated structure for minimalized living that reduces cost, increases construction quality and allows for home ownership with the cost and mobility of an automobile.

© Cinder Box

#05 Cedar Shake Cottage

The Cedar Shake Cottage is a tiny home designed by STUDIO 512, an architecture firm based in Austin, Texas.

© STUDIO 512 / Interior by Whit Preston

#04 The Woodland Cabin

The Woodland Cabin is a small lakeside cabin on the edge of woodlands in the village of Nouvelles, Belgium created by London-based De Rosee Sa.

© Will Scott / De Rosee Sa

#03 Shacky

Shacky is a tiny house project, brainchild of Joep Pennartz, that can be located on farms across Victoria in Australia, as rent-able accommodation for lease by holiday makers looking to escape the city for the serenity of the countryside.

© Shacky & MvS Architects

#02 Walden’s Contemporary Tiny House

Walden Studio’s Contemporary Tiny House is a self-sufficient dwelling built with natural materials, a small house that manages to combine sustainability with sleek design.

© Walden Studio

#01 DROP box

DROP box is a modular micro architecture solution, designed by Barcelona-based creative studio In-Tenta, to have little to no impact on the natural ecological environment.

© In-Tenta by estudibasic

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