The 10 Most-Read Art Articles of 2017

Lee Price
"Refuge", oil on linen, 44”x 4”, 2009, © Lee Price

The most popular features of the year in art, according to our readers.

#10 Jolene Lai

Jolene Lai is a Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator born and raised in Singapore.

© Jolene Lai

#09 Dillon Samuelson

Dillon Samuelson is a painter and illustrator from the United States.

© Dillon Samuelson

#08 Gabor Gozon

Gabor Gozon (born July 22, 1967) is a graduate of the Hungarian National School of Decorative Arts in Budapest.

© Gabor Gozon

#07 Valentin Fischer

Valentin Fischer is a German based self taught painter, born in 1984 in Stuttgart.

© Valentin Fischer

#06 Valeria Andreis

Valeria Andreis is an Italian painter working between London and Milan.

© Valeria Andreis

#05 Sabatino Cersosimo

Sabatino Cersosimo is a visual artist born in Turin, Italy in 1974.

© Sabatino Cersosimo

#04 Joseph Loughborough

Joseph Loughborough (b. 1981) is a British artist and skateboarder who spent his formative years exploring the derelict boatyards and creeks of Portsmouth, on the south coast of the UK.

© Joseph Loughborough

#03 Maryna Ignatieva

Maryna Ignatieva is a painter from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

© Maryna Ignatieva

#02 Alessandro Sicioldr

Alessandro Bianchi, alas Sicioldr (born in 1990 in Tarquinia) is an Italian painter and illustrator living and working in Tuscany, Italy.

© Alessandro Sicioldr

 #01 Lee Price

Lee Price is an American figurative realist painter from New York.

© Lee Price

All of the above and more here.

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  1. Excellent selection :-) I feel like I've visited an art gallery all from the comfort of my own home :-)

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