The 10 Most-Read Slippery Edge Articles of 2017

Lee Price
Emilie (Breakfast), oil on linen, 40”x54”, © Lee Price

The most popular features of the year, according to our readers.

#10 Vanja Bućan

Vanja Bućan is a Slovenian photographer born in Nova Gorica.

© Vanja Bućan

#09 Sophie Gabrielle

Sophie Gabrielle is a Melbourne based contemporary photographer working in both still and moving image.

© Sophie Gabrielle

#08 Jenny Woods

Jenny Woods is a 24 years old self-taught photographer from South Florida.

© Jenny Woods

#07 Cem Çelik

Cem Çelik is a photographer based in Istanbul, Turkey.

© Cem Çelik

#06 Joseph Loughborough

Joseph Loughborough (b. 1981) is a British artist and skateboarder.

© Joseph Loughborough

#05 Maryna Ignatieva

Maryna Ignatieva is a painter from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

© Maryna Ignatieva

#04 Carmelita Iezzi

Carmelita Iezzi is a conceptual photographer and professional graphic designer from Italy.

© Carmelita Iezzi

#03 Alessandro Sicioldr

Alessandro Bianchi, alas Sicioldr (born in 1990 in Tarquinia) is an Italian painter and illustrator living and working in Tuscany, Italy.

© Alessandro Sicioldr

#02 Julia Salustiano

Julia Salustiano is a 30 years old Brazilian photographer specializing in the production of photographic essays with dancers in abandoned buildings, on the streets and other locations in the cities of Brasília, São Paulo and Santos.

Livia Bennet by © Julia Salustiano

#01 Lee Price

Lee Price is an American figurative realist painter from New York.

© Lee Price

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