Anca Danila

Anca Danila
Escaping Patterns, 80cmX100cm, oil on canvas, 2016

Born 1982 in Nasaud, Romania, Anca Danila began oil painting as a child. Having studied in the Corneliu Baba High School in Romania and the City College Dublin School in Ireland, she graduated with a BA and an MFA from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Through her works Anca, who regularly travels between Bistrita in Romania and Dublin in Ireland, demonstrates her interest in anthropology and contemporary sociology. She explores transitions between geographical zones and cultural identities. Anca’s creations display the contemporary individual who creates different types of identities for themselves, constructed from social, cultural, or familial factors, and the contrast between someone’s real and virtual identity. What they experience and live is in fact a continuing renegotiated relationship among the real identity and the constructed ones. Her work has been displayed in exhibitions, institutions and galleries in Ireland, Romania, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, Germany, Austria, Italy and the USA. Anca currently lives and works in Dublin, Ireland.

In her own words:

My latest artworks proposes a reflection upon the identity crisis in a globalised world, when more and more people are suffering depression and anxiety, when we should ask ourselves why we are in this state of being, and how will it impact the future of our society. The transition to and from, the ongoing switch between the physical medium and the virtual one, cause types of identity crisis which can easily be found almost everywhere. My own identity is hidden in all my artworks, through the visual image I create this space where I intend to reveal the reality of Self in that moment, where the word is now introduced as a mediator between the self and the tangible. The artworks are created with the intention of highlighting the state of being of the society we live in, starting from the premises that together with the modernity movement have also emerged the questions regarding the identity due to the emphasis on individual, contributing to the formation of our “crises of identity”. We live in a society where boundaries are easily dispersed, the globalization and ultra-mobility allow us a fast access to other peoples’ culture and at the same time it increases the cultural influences. The artworks invite us all to perceive the truth beyond the attributed one and the importance of the expression of everyone’s unique individuality in our society.

All images © Anca Danila

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