Scotland: Be a Part of It

Scotland: Be a Part of It

“Scotland: Be a Part of It” is a vivid, dramatic vision of exploration and adventure dedicated to Scotland. It is the third project in yet another exciting collaboration between Unfazed Creative Studio’s David Guersan and Jamie Farquharson, following the I S O L A T I O N documentary short, that went on to reach more than 700K views on the web in 2016. The film was shot in different locations on the Highlands, where the duo spent 1 week through Scotland’s wild and turbulent terrain, islands, mountain, lochs and forest. The sound mix is by Arthaud Versaveaud, the voice over by Malcolm Urquhart and the music is “Timeless” by Caleb Etheridge / Artlist Licence.

The Unfazed Creative Studio is a Parisian duo composed of image specialists David Guersan and Mathieu Bernat.

All images © Unfazed

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  1. Breathtaking! I would love to visit the home of my ancestors!

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