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Austra - Future Politics

Austra – Future Politics

Austra is an electronic music project from Toronto, Ontario, named after the Latvian goddess of light and featuring singer/keyboardist Katie Stelmanis (middle name Austra), drummer Maya Postepski, bas…

Spārni un airi

Wings and Oars

Wings and Oars (Spārni un airi) is a visually outstanding, poetic animated short, written, animated and directed by Vladimir Leschiov. The music and sound design are by Pierre Yves Drapeau and Normand…

Laima Vainiņa

Laima Vainiņa

Laima Vainiņa is a photographer living and studying in Riga, Latvia. Laima is studying contemporary photography at The International Summer School of Photography (ISSP) and is currently working on the…